Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Consider my proposal, please?

Well, the weather is great! ;D
It's been raining nowadays and I couldn't help of liking the cloudy and cool breeze. However, it isn't a good choice to have a driving lesson for a beginner like ME. =..=' I mean, THE REAL BEGINNER. Okay  people, today I went for my first driving lesson. It was not tough for me, but yea, I am still new. The feeling of driving a car wasn't that hilarious. It just like being in the car and yet your feet are dancing. Aha. So I spent 3hours driving listened to my instructor yelling and telling me to lower down the speed. He didn't keep his mouth shut so I went all red and feel annoyed. A mental torture. That's it. But that wasn't a issue then.

I would like to propose that ;

A female instructor should handle a female trainee
A male instructor should be wearing a glove while handling a female trainee.


Fuhh, where to start? I have mix feeling here.
 I'm shouting out loud that I don't like being touched! *Miserable
Entitled as a muslim instructor, there are many things that we should be aware of. You'll be facing things like the girl's strength ( I have a problem on pushing the handbrake just now) and the newbies who doesn't know anything about the car gear. I know it was not a purposely physical contact, but it still beyond the boundaries. Yes, I understand that we are lack of female instructors and I bet women are not really interested in this kind of  matters. Well, Islam is pure, so let us maintain this purity. =') Hoping that this would boost the awareness of all the trainers out there. Or else, I think I should take an alternative steps ahead, demanding a female instructors and wearing a glove myself. 

Notes ; After all, thank you very much Cik Lan, you have made me drive for the first time. I'll remember all those advices and tips. Peace be upon you. Allah Bless. :)

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