Saturday, September 13, 2014

I'm home for the second time.

Yesterday I received a heart breaking news. It's really heart-wrenching. I feel nervous and everything. I wasn't expect that it's going to make me feel worry this much. I started to feel uneasy when my dad said,

"Iqa, tak payah balik la. Terima je apa jadi pun. 
Duduk je kat Adelaide tu. Buat test"

I tried to hide my feelings but yeah, I've failed. Burst into tears, back. These few weeks are my critical week. I had my 3 tests over the last week. Founding that I nearly passed my virology mid-term test was a big hit on me enough. I was disappointed. And I realized that my other two tests were never be an excellent too. It is not that I didn't study but I just can't do it, I was putting much much effort but I just don't know why. T.T

So, receiving a very big news from Malaysia driven me into dilemma. I have my oral presentation & lab report due this week. Not forgetting a test. But noted that it's your only mother whom you can't trade with anything off, what's the point of living and staying in Adelaide but your soul is already flew back to home where you belong? Living away from family like miles miles away making me feel very helpless. I wanted to help, but I just can't and you're always be the very last person who knows everything. I feel helpless. Really. 

I called home at Friday night, hoping to talk to my mom. But my dad said, my mom was sleeping the whole day and she can't open her eyes. So my thought was it's a normal thing for her since that's the symptom that can be seen for those who suffers her disease. But never thoughts, she would have a very very long sleep and they say, she's coma at the moment. I know, that's a very bad sign. a very bad one. 

Akhwatiy-fillah, jzkk for the tickets. Only Allah knows and can repay back your goodness. I feel very touched. I got a very good companies from each person of you. I received lots of inspired wishes which motivates me to stay strong and being reminded that Allah tests are for those whom He knows can handle it. A big test its for someone yg qawwiy! Allah is the best of planners after all. Thank you very much. Uhibbukfillah :') My flight from Adelaide-mebourne was okay. And my flight from melbourne-malaysia was even fine. I was seated beside a very friendly mother's touch vietnamese woman. She saw I was sobbing and cried a lil bit. Though that I was the only one who needs to handle a very big crash inside me, her test is even greater. She's going back to her dad's funeral because of liver cancer. And she received that shocking news during her exam day. Just right before her exam. But she seemed very calm, and she relaxed me back. She said that death is at the God's hand. What we can do is keep on praying and God knows the best. Allahu, thanks Allah for reminding this to me again through that woman. 

Alhamdulillah, things are at eased.
Please pray for my mom. 
Moga Allah kurniakan yang terbaik 
kerana Allah itu maha mengetahui. 
Wan Syafiqa kan, kuat? ;')

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