Monday, September 29, 2014

Birth day.

I still have 30 minutes before the clock strikes 12 am today (Adelaide time).

So before I sleep, happy 21st birthday.
I promised you before I would be the 1st person to wish this year. I still hope I did, yesterday. I still keep the gift that I wanted to give you so badly. It is still neatly wrapped in my drawer but I decided to give it to the person who is worth giving. Indeed, I planned throughout the time to tell you how much I care on your birthday but it is just a plan now. And I know the values will never be the same anymore. I promised you that I would include you in my every prayers. And yes, I do. I pray that Allah keeps us away from each other. And, I am sorry for not replying all of your whatsapp texts. I do feel bad, but thinking twice it is better for me not to reply them. I just don't want the conversation to keep on driving. I'm afraid that I'm gonna hurt myself back. Don't worry, I don't delete your last 3 texts before I read them, and I am safely arrived this morning. Alhamdulillah. I hope I never even reply or received your 1st 'hi-text' 6 years ago. I wish, I never knew you in my life. And my biggest wish to you this year is that, please help me to forget you. Tolong saya untuk lupakan awak because it is never easy at the first place. Hopefully, that's the perfect gift you received from me. Might be your last birthday greetings from me too and I would never hope for another one. Happy 21st birthday, again :)

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