Friday, May 27, 2016

Be & stay strong

It rains in Kuantan today. You know how much I enjoy rainy days. Weirdly, though people say raining is a bad weather but I seem to feel the other way round. Rainy days are perfectly comforting to me. However, despite of how I enjoy the rainy days, I can never neglect the fact that it is actually pretty gloomy. Nayy I don't know. Hmm

Jadi kalau langit pun boleh menangis apatah lagi hati manusia, kan?

Today I received a heart breaking news. A very good friend of mine since highschool lost her dad. And the worst part is I wasn't there to make her feel better. I deeply know how it feels. It is not easy, and never it will be. I received her call around 3am in the morning, telling me her dad is gone. I can tell she was crying. But the best thing I can do is just praying that Allah ease everything for her and her family. I pray that Allah will give you strength to face these challenging days ahead. You know how I constantly remind you to live with Quran? It reminds me the night when I lost my mom. My Muslim Pro apps on my phone notified me with such a remarkable message from Quran.

"Then did you think that We created you uselessly and that to Us you would not be returned?"


Whenever I read the verse, it makes me think that all this lives are temporary and every promises He said is true because everyone shall taste it. Shall taste death. It is the matter how you deal with it. World is even temporary.

Be strong. Stay strong.

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