Saturday, May 28, 2016

Used to, not anymore

As I am building hard wall around me, I still sometimes came across his name a few times. And that, is very annoying to me. Really.

Thought I am that smart enough for not clicking his profile nor stalking him, this tangles still wandering not knowing its place. And that, is very bothering.

I'm sorry but I get to ignore my used-to-be bestfriend too.
I wanted to ask how you (bestfriend) been doing. Well, I also wanted to leave a comment on how we 1st met too, but as soon as I viewing the comments section, that so-called name appeared so I lost all my exciting mood. I think, I'm just gonna leave it here,

KFC. haha

I'm sorry if it seems that there's boundaries between us. Never meant to. And as far as one can tell, you're one of my best-guy-friend I've ever met. You're a very good listener since I was 16-teen. You listen to my curses, my very big mind blowing wonders, my sad feeling and the happy one :') But whenever we started talking, you'll remind me of that one guy. And I would never wanted that.  So when I tried forgetting him, I tend to neglect you too. You know how bad I tried kan? haha. Surely you do. It came to the point that I wanted to unfriend you on Facebook, but that doesn't seem allright at all, you can't be dragged into my personal moving-on-thing up to that extent. lol.

Please know that all this while, I value our friendship very much. 
Thank you for all the time spent.
Just, thank you. 

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