Monday, July 25, 2016

Postgraduate's life progression

Hello guys!

It's almost 4 months I'm here in Kuantan. At first I thought Kuantan is just a normal capital city for nothing can beat Ipoh hehe. Ipoh is a city which has better facilities and entertainments more than Kuala Kangsar, obviously but less crowded than Kuala Lumpur. Therefore I always find Ipoh is the perfect place to hang around and have fun with my family. Nonetheless, it has been appointed to be one of the top city by lonely planet which even strengthen my thoughts about it. When I asked my brother in law who spends half of his life living in Kuantan about the attractions here, he always put me down because he knows nothing much. I bet this is due to he studied in a boarding school before so when the school holiday came, being at home is the best option rather than wandering around Kuantan.

Frankly, I was quite lonely when I first came here. I know no one else except for my supervisors and everything was at its very awkward state -__- I struggled with its different system from my former uni and I was so dumb about the semester too. I had nooo idea what short semester is. And when my supervisor and a master student was away for a week, I felt homesick! IIUM just felt so empty without them hahaha. Now I know what loneliness is, I began to look for some new friends and trying to do something new.

Today was my first day of swimming session. At some point I am glad that I am destined to be here in IIUM instead of other universities because I know they do practice healthy interaction between genders. The gym and the pool were all genders friendly and what I like the most is the vibe of spreading positive and inspirational Islamic teachings. I like it when you came to the entrance and 99 of Allah names keep on approaching you all the way to mahallah. I love it too when someone sees you walking alone in the campus, they will offer you a ride :) And I like it when everybody around you addressing each other with sisters and brothers. Well, we do this a lot in Adelaide too but since we interacted in English so it seemed normal for us using that phrase. But I found it so special when you're using it here. It's like people respect each other more. Tomorrow is going to be another session of my gym routine. I think I started to enjoy my life here now. I feel happy and keen to look forward for my days ahead.

While I think I've fall for my current university already, Kuantan is treating me well too! Recently, I met a phd student from UPM and this kakak is doing her attachment over here. Whenever she came here, she brought me to lots of good places and food too! I went to a stall yesterday selling deep fried seafood. We had the seafood and some otak-otak and sata. Surprisingly, everything was good! I discovered good shopping places and went to a beach. My halaqah friends said Kuantan is a place to be explored so I have trust in this city now since I've seen the other side of it slowly despite of what my brother in law said hahaha.

I just hope that for the upcoming days, months and years I have to spend here, I can make good memories and be happy like I was in Adelaide. I'm not going to stay here forever but I'll make sure I have the best one.

Dan Wan Syafiqa, semoga istiqamah dengan gym dan swimming. lol

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