Sunday, November 20, 2016

Another you


Today I found another you. Another someone who actually reads me silently haha. The only different is he reads my fb instead of my blog. My sister was a lecturer and apparently some of her students added me as well, because I attended some of her classes perhaps. Though I don't really know them all, I just approved them considering they are my sister's students. So I had this friend request approved 3 years ago.

I have no idea he has been watching for over the years. Well he made it pretty obvious though when he 'likes' my old photos a few times before consequently pulak tu aigu. I noticed it a few times during those interval but I was too busy to even care, but not until my younger sister voice it out last time haha. And the funny part is that all my siblings, the 5 of us. Semua dia add as a friend. Kelakar kan? lol

Anyway  after these years, he made it all way to approach me even if it's only on facebook. After all the efforts he did, liking and read comments sampai ingat every details wahh I'm impressed hahaha. Memang boleh dapat award stalker terbaik, boleh link information lagi pergh kerja kat fbi pun boleh ni. Oh okay, when I think it back pretty much more differences. I know where he come from, what he's been doing and all while you are anonymous. Aaaa and he's also from 'luaskan kuasamu' area. hahaha. So he told me today he actually interested to know me better and that's the reason why he keeps on tracking me.

So erm can I know you better as well? hehe

Anyway, I'm glad that I am able to spread positive vibe throughout my writings and shares on my page. I hope people will find it beneficial though sometimes I do talk nonsense. I am just a plain girl who still struggles on a lot of things that owns so much flaws. I still have so much space inside me that I need to improve. Well, I see my life goes on as what has been planned by Allah. My life is just as interesting as you if you keep being happy, optimist and rely on Him more :)

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