Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Chapter


It is already past 3 days of the New year eve. To be frank I feel that 2016 was a plain year for me. Nothing outrages or nothing really bugged me like what I had in 2015. Super crazy year! Perhaps I encountered a total mess a year before that I've been blessed with calmness and serenity :) What have I been achieving so far last year? I can't see any actually. Okay lemme look back :

  1. Breaking the norm: A forum speaker in intec as an Isma activist. 
  2. Solo travelling in Japan for a week.
  3. Biggest attempt of my road trip in Malaysia, lol - Driving for a week ; Perak-Terengganu-Johor-Terengganu-Perak
  4. Sabah gateaway! Exploring Sabah with my dad
  5. Snorkeling experience in Pulau Bidong 
  6. Successfully enrolled myself as a Master Student and had defended my proposal!
  7. Attended my graduation ceremony in Adelaide, South Australia
  8. Swimming and gym (Tak istiqamah! Okay, let's carry forward)
  9. Writing 3 articles in the compilation of Australian Seniors Book; Pitstop Down Under
2016 was more to a warming up years of me after settling down in Malaysia and be back for good though I can't completely move on from Adelaide yet hehe. I guess this year is gonna be a lot more challenging for me. It's gonna be a great battle I bet. It's time for my master's time; publishing paper, attending conference and much much more. Please pray for me. Another 1 and a half year to go :D

"A kick start of my 2017. Starting off my 1st week as an 
invited speaker in this pre-departure programme.
So please pray for my fluency. With this I hope I can 
share my experience as much as I could in 
the survival of a woman and muslim"

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