Thursday, January 19, 2017

One Call Away

Last night I slept with an enormous frustration in me.

An incident happened just recently. It was getting on my nerve and I was pissed off.

Sabr and patience works well before but then I feel like I'm holding this for too long that I busted my anger through my facebook post. Pretty much that was the climax. I get so angry that I need to force myself to sleep.

I keep on telling the same stories to lots of people who asked. So I'm not going to disclose this again in my blog. Otherwise, it would spark back my fury.

I know that you would not read this because you told me that you just stopped reading my blog.

Thank you for your concern, the kind words and the time spent this morning. Just by listening to my frustration, I am feeling better now. When I told you I hope this friendship lasts, I meant it. Well, at least I am hoping for a relationship to last.

I did not expect that the 1st thing I saw when I woke up was your message though.
And that, makes me happy.

I just realized that,
you are just one call away.

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