Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Recovered days

My energy is literally drained.

Been trying to grow my bacteria several times. Have been working for several weeks ever since I done my proposal defense. It turned out not that good though :( 
Sedihnya sebab bacteria susah nak hidup so I can't proceed performing DNA extraction. 

Another big program is coming soon. It's a massive program, really. 
I've been incharging with Registration Committee and I found it is not amusing at all, haha. Not my thing because the documentation turned out to be too technical. I keep on receiving texts from unknown number, and I did save 100+ participants telephone number and form nearly 8 whatsapp group just to follow up their registration fees. It took my whole morning just to do this. I do feel exhausted afterwards, lol. 

Yepp, 100% energy drained again.

Anyway, though things are quite difficult, Semai Mesra went all good alhamdulillah. Never missed the program for 4 years now, I could feel the happiness when I have to go back to the program. Of course, giving back to the society! Moga Allah redha dengan usaha ini.

Fave comrades and the best team ever since in Adelaide!

Also I received my 1st ever book that I am contributing to! hehe. Actually I am quite excited with the 1st book of my Down Under team. It is indeed a very high effort for our 1st book I reckon. The book is high in quality and I believe that everyone was trying their best to produce the book. All I can say that I am very proud of  the team! So if anyone is interested to buy this book you can directly contact me :)

The book cover. Book is not so thick but it is fully coloured and 
very beneficial iAllah. 

Some of the sneak peek of my writings :)

I submitted a few stories and I hope it would inspire everyone who reads it.

Although things get a lil bit difficult, still good things do happen hehe. This book really makes up my days back to be frank. I wish to write for the ummah more in the future. Let's create another history ahead syafiqa. Yosh!

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