Thursday, March 23, 2017

Treating myself

Hi peeps.

Actually I am home again! hehehe.

Kuala Kangsar always feels at home. No matter how far I'd go, how I told people Japan is my absolute destination, and how I am fond of travelling,  nothing can beat the place where I belong too. I will always know I would come back to this place :')

Anyway, I've been working so hard for the past few weeks too. and to be honest I feel exhausted quite a few times. My sister from Sabah finally got a week break from hospital, so after a consultation with my supervisor and my naqibah too, eventually I got a week getaway from my hectic schedule which I am so happy and grateful of. There you go a family gathering featuring my sisters and Abah. Too bad my niece, Kak Opa and family did not tag along. It must be a complete and fun family gathering I reckon!

We decided to gather at my sister's house at first. Exploring dungun before we sent off adik at the bus station back at utm (she did not have any holidays so it was just a sweet escape weekend for her). From the day adik got in Kuantan until I reached Kuala Kangsar (got back today), I had my stomach filled most of the times. Chilling times for my family are enjoying the scenery while eating haha. Since mom left, we hadn't have a proper meal like we used to have. We used to request lot of foods from my mom everytime balik kampung. But now, everytime we get back together, everyone was trying to satisfy Abah's need. Asking abah what he wanted to eat is like a normal routine now. So every time it's a gathering time for the family, we always have our food planned rather than the places we wanted to cover lol.

Later on, after sending my sister off, the next day we went to Kuala Terengganu. As my sister's flight back to Sabah is at Kuala Terengganu we decided to explore a lil bit of KT best places to go. Australia taught me of appreciating beaches the most, so when I got back here I tend to acknowledge the beaches we got here. Despite the hotness I must say I've got sunburn too haha but it's okay they said tanned is hotter hahaha, Terengganu has beautiful beaches after Sabah :)

I took my happy pills :)

So I sent my sister off and got back to Dungun. Well it was just more to spending time with my nephew Abang long Fateh, and Kak Ngah too. The next day is also a day treat for me. My pampering day. I went to saloon and had my hair treatment, then I went to the spa nearby, had my skin treatment too. Hilang semua stress, penat lelah bagai tuu. haha. Puas hati kita. If a single girl like me who got no commitment and get so stressful with her life, I wonder how it goes to other people who are doing masters/phd, owning a family, being a wife, have children, not forgetting tarbiyyah manage their life. They must be working under pressure way heavier than me. So please men, it is essential to treat your woman with this. I know they will like it very much because I believe they just need a short break and her short own time to top up back their drained energy.

Tapi sebenarnya kalau Wan Syafiqa ni,

A bouquet of flowers and a box of sushi, is enough to make her day.

She will consider you, a husband materials already.

Tambah satu lagi trait, lelaki soleh.

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