Thursday, March 30, 2017

Weird me

Assalamualaikum peeps.

Now holiday is over. Get back to my normal days and headache lol.

I don't know why but I have such a lazy ass this week! Having my time alone is quite addictive and at the same time it keeps my energy drained. I love to see people, but going out is not really my 1st option though because it is always hot out there. Omaigad, I sound so sassy here -__-

Perhaps, if I am living with roomates at least, I would not feel this lost I guess. I need to recharge this energy, by meeting people and going to the lab.

I should have been doing this last 3 days. I mean working in the lab. Kata nak grad on time -..- Well, I did actually. Transferring my DNA samples looking for dry ice and sending it back to the 1st Base. Soon after that, I received a shocking news that makcik cleaner kena rasuk kat lab.

Whaaattt $#%^#^#

It was early in the morning when she saw a figure with red eyes wandering around the lab that I am working in. Okay, I admit it that my lab surrounding is quite gloomy with lots of unseen corners. It is somehow quite logical if those figure could appear out of nowhere. Normally I am not affected with this kind of story. I have this heart which does not care of anything. Weirdly, I feel the other way around this time. Padahal dengar cerita pun tak complete. Entah kenapa jiwa ni memberontak takut nak pergi lab kenapa pulak ni heeeii -___- Goosebumps, please go away. Man, you've been living in a 10 stories empty mahallah before for a few months and the only level who had people living in it was just my level and only 3 rooms were occupied that time. Dulu tak rasa pape, ni dah dah kenapa gelabah pelik pelik pulak ni lahaii. I hate myself now :/

I have no reasons to get headache.

But I just had, thinking too much and isolating myself in my room. It is not normal for a person like me. Obviously...

Paksa diri untuk pergi lab jom!




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