Wednesday, May 24, 2017

My fave Cooking Vlogger Gathering

OMG Maangchi held her 10th years anniversary party!

Mannn, I know my excited mood should be a few weeks ago. The excitement has to be all gone now. But duh I just received the news a few minutes ago, got very excited myself and decided to put this up on my blog, just in case if there's a fan of Maangchi out there, just like me you'll hit the jackpot hihi

I guess Maangchi is the face of Korean cooking after all. I am tempted to taste her food rather than any kind of Korean food out there. Even if I were given two choices of tasting food genuinely came from Korea and Maangchi food, surely I'll pick hers.

I am so her fans that I end up trying her recipes, lol.

I wish I can make her proud too with my Dakjim and Japchae haha.

I want to make friends, talk about food and meet Maangchi too! T.T

Please check her cooking videos on Youtube guys if you are a fan of Korean food and wanna try it out yourself. I procrastinated a lot with her videos, lol. 
Yup, I just can't help it...

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