Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My teaching stories


Feel like I haven't publish any piece of posts since May came in. My research and my part time job really got me man. Just to make things clear hehe, I taught Spanish and English last semester and those classes had ended last week which I am so grateful of! Yeayy

Alhamdulillah most of the feedback are positive and the students really enjoy the class.  I am quite happy to know that actually. Last time I asked my students the reasons they wanted to learn Spanish, and one of the students said,

"Because the teacher is beautiful" Ehem, Estoy sonrojarse.
I feel like treating him ice cream afterwards hahaha ;P

Anyway, this is my English class story.

I taught a grown up Sudanese woman who happened to know very very little English. She only can speak Arabic. I almost have zero knowledge in Arabic. I haven't learn this language like for real, so the language barrier between us is so far quite huge. I can relate how Mr. Brown feel to teach multi-races people lol. Really it is hilarious and very heart-wrenching at times. I used gestures and every single movements and actions I can. Asking her to read and write were troublesome too. Not to mention that I used google translate to at least get her understand to what I am saying. Getting her to pronounce things were even harder. Making her to distinguish the words between "the" and "it" was also hard even though the spelling is really obvious, I don't understand why haha. But alhamdulillah after almost 10 classes, we are better at understanding each other. I was pretty relief to know that my English class would end last week, so I seek a lil help from her husband to fill up the feedback form. The feedback form need to be submitted to the office so that I can receive my claim. Her husband is also my lecturer and I enrolled in his class last semester. More or less we knew each other. Later on that day, he told me,

"My wife really likes you". I got my jaw dropped. Seriously.
I thought I was a fierce English teacher because I raised my voice quite a few times. Penat cakap sebab dia tak faham haha and sometimes she said she understand it but actually she did not. mehh :/

My lecturer asked me to continue teaching her English.
Actually, I rejected it a few times with the reasons that I am busy, I have no transport etc. And he offers me to pick me up from mahallah and send me back to the library.
I cannot say no since he is quite persuasive. Called my dad to tell him this and he was like, okay la tu. Ajar je la. Aiyoo

I sometimes couldn't sort myself out. Adoi. I hate myself for this.

Well, I just finished my 1st private class with her just now. Started to teach her back lol.
Please pray that sabr and ikhlas would always be my best companion =)

Ramdhan is coming soon.
Marhaban ya Ramadhan!

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