Friday, June 16, 2017

Dear 24 years old me

For the passed 24 years, you have worked hard in your life and you experienced a lot of bittersweet memories.

When things weren't on your way, you managed to get back up and fight for your battle.

You went through lots of things but eventually you accomplished your dreams and successfully graduated in your bachelor degree in one of the top university in Australia, well even the world!

You lost your strength for a while, because mom passed away when you needed inspiration and support the most but then everything were back on track. It took a little while to sort everything, and because it's you, you lifted yourself back.

6 years ago, you thought you were completely busted because enrolling in science stream was not your choice, but after all Allah knows the best. You are now a science master degree student in one of the most prestigious university in Malaysia. You are even blessed by a super cool supervisor.

You have this dream of becoming an English teacher in your school days and you thought you will never be one since you are now in science stream. Because it is you and the keen of spreading the knowledge you had, you were one of the kind now :) The feeling of satisfaction elevated you.

For the past 20 years, you learned about your faith but you never really feel the existence. But since tarbiyyah approached you 4 years ago, you are now growing to be a better muslimah every single day. You are now relying more on Allah the almighty. Keep growing and spread the beauty of this deen.

You were hurt deeply by a soul you treasure the most since you were at your teens. All those screenshots and morning messages were kept neatly in your photo albums for nearly three years. Maybe because you were afraid of missing it, but because you are this strong and this brave, you did not even open or even look at his facebook or even name to be specific. You deleted all about him and you are now completely move on. You told him that you will forget him, and now you really do. Way to go strong girl :)

You sometimes took people around you for granted, somebody who sometimes cares and really look after you. This 24 years old soul is now learning to be more appreciative. You are now free from the incomplete hopes, and now you are warmly welcoming new people in your life. You are now opening your heart again and now let's hope for a better future iAllah.

Dear 24 years old and 5 days me,

You have gone this far but still there is no promising future for you. So work hard.
Please love yourself, please concentrate to be a better you day by day. Be it your akhlaq, your ibadah, your health, your skin, your shoes, your clothes well everything! You won't feel contempt because you do it for yourself. You won't feel heart wrenching anymore thinking for other people. Thinking to work for a better ummah is the right way to do. Please don't carried away solely with a particular person. You have this big heart, do not let such tiny stuff overpowers your agenda.

#Future microbiologist is working hard
#Future tsukasa in waiting too. Eh
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