Wednesday, June 27, 2007

~Journey To Terengganu~

well, back after went to terengganu. surely, it's a tiring journey...could you believe it?! i was boarding a bus for 12 hours!owh was so boring and i could not sleep sister sat near the window and she can sleep better than me. it was soooooooo cold!!!! i couldn't help was freezing that night and i almost dying!!! then, when we reached terengganu, we supposed to stop at dungun. act,we have to tell the driver to stop us at dungun, but unluckily we stopped at kuala terengganu...waaa!!! 12+3 hours= 15 hours in bus! so so tired!i went there to accompany my sister for an interview actually....we arrived there at around 10 a.m i guess...then, went to friend of syakira's house. we just took a nap and then prepared to go to the interview....lunched at kak hidayah's house and then went back to kuala kangsar at 10 pm that day! i catch a cold and headache now as boarding a bus for a very long period.... :(

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