Thursday, June 14, 2007

I love you my friends!!!!!!!!!! muahx!! was my birthday on 11th June. thanks friends for all da present! :) i really appreciate it. love you guys a lotzzz!!! thanks ona for the cute pink bag and a special tudung for me. black and attractive. and to sue!!! thx2222222 for the yamapi's poster which you draw it yourself! the picture is just like him!!! KAWAII! Jimi, thanks ya for the Nike handband which i longing to have it. i do not expect you will give me the handband becoz i persuade you to give me the handband the other day ne?! love you! to niesa and neddy on the other hands, you make me feel special!! :P i mean, the bags which you gave me is damn cool and i love 'em! i have no idea you guys would give me the bags as you asked me to choose for you which bag i'll prefer. yeah, dat day, kinda of weird because you guys just followed what i said and which bag i suggested. your taste and mine is different right? especially niesa who loves all the girly stuff and loves pink. heehehe... :P To my dear old friend, AMANI!!! thank you for the lovelycard. hey, you are not late wishing me "happy birthday". i'm not having a crush on ah tan la!!!never! dat nerd boy is not my taste. :P anyway, thank you! friends forever~ LOVE YOU GUYS!!!XXXX!

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