Friday, June 1, 2007

Looking back on the memories of....

ohh!! i sign in lina's ms today just to see kim's new picture when suddenly i was accidently seen his ms too. and finally....i'm being a girls' heart who are usually sad when they are gettin dump by someone they like.i mean,,why do i have this feeling now?! but not the day when my friends told me the truth! it just...pain, all i can say. it's ok to say that 'i dun like u' from the first.ok it's fine! but don't say such things that could make me sad. it just make me feel touched and couldn't help feel sad....anyway,it all had happen so why don't i forget it ne? forget him and try to act cool when he is around. =) ok iqa, you should have cheer up!!!forget him and find other guy to heal this pain. lol. :P


Lina Abdul Jalil said...

wan...aku pening..ey aku x gne dh blog blog aku..

Wan Syafiqa said...