Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Report card day!!

frankly, i dun like my school's schedule now.what i mean is i hate the time table which my teacher arrange it for my class. a lots of science subject absolutely. i'm just tired of studying the same subjects and face the same teachers! it juz BORING!! well...there's no special day for a week! tuesdays used to be the most special day bcoz of the subjects. i love tuesday and i dont have to bring a lot of book to school. easy maa...

juz now, my dad went to card punye psl...indeed grateful for obtaining the 2nd place after sue. :) miss wong who is our class teacher does not attend the ceremony as she had to go to somewhere....i dun know where.. :P she had a meting there. a very2 important one so Mrs. Aisyah replace her. there's nothing much Mrs. Aisyah complained about me because she never teached me before and dunno what type of a girl i'm being so she only told me to have a much better result than this. if Miss Wong was there..i am sure, she'll proably complained a lotzz about me for talking a lots during lesson and sometimes don't even bother what she was saying. :P i also don't obey her..yeah sometimes i'm like dat! couldnt deny it! :D but 4 sure, i'm a good girl. i always think that i should change. from lazy+day dreamer+stuborn+egoistic=ME to hardworking+always in da world of reality+a girl who always listen-egoistic=ME!

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