Sunday, July 1, 2007

Current mood : Missing Someone ^^

it's almost 1.10 a.m now. well...the tired and sleepy feelings disappeard as i sat in front of my pc. yeah...everybody knows i'm very addicted with computer.dunno why. i supposed to sleep right now. tomorrow is school and i guess i'm gonna wake up late tomorrow so i already prepared my uniform and get ready with the subjects i should learn tommorrow. act, i'm back from ipoh after buying things that i need. kinda tired. but this is happen when i start to check my friendster and on9 on ym. thnk god, my mother is already sleep. i couldnt help it when my mother start scolding me for staying up late. i bought 'chicken soup, teenages's soul, love and friendship' just now. i longging to have that book for such a long time. i mean, at least i have one. the book is so damn good! love it. but this one, i havent read it yet. it seems interesting as it should be. :) wow! that book is too expensive. it costs 47.00. it was disacounted so it's 26 ringgit. i guess so :P i'm the one who paid was my mother. what should i care anyway?(a mother should not have somebody like me)hehehe.well, last day man! indeed happy :)i miss someone right now. dunno what is happening to him as he's not on9 for the whole day. :( i hope he's just fine. dun want anything happen to him again. huhuhu....

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