Friday, July 6, 2007

Yes, life is like onion...full of layers.

today, my mom and dad go to dungun to visit my sister syakira who is currently got a new job as an english lecturer there.i know, she's got to came back here more rarely and i'm gonna miss her sooooo badly! would change and now, she's got to the higher level of her own life.i always wonder how my life should be when i grow up.well...everybody would always face this in life. from the day we were born, went to kindergarten where we learn abc.went to primary school where we learnt to make friends.went to highchool where the bond of our friendship grew tighter, talking about stuff like fashion and love, studying together with our bestfriends, give them a shoulder to cry on when there is tears and always be there for them when they need us. together, we shared our dreams and keep on thinking how life will lead us to when we are growing up. and soon, it may would only lasts with a memory.there's no tape that we can rewind it again and again.when i think it back, i know, someday i may lost my bestfriends in highschool.the one who are a part of my life, neddy, nadzi, lina, niesa, sue, ona, nani, fatt, maz and jimi. although i'm only fourteen, and some may said, it's a long way to go but still i think it's only a short period. i may remember the day when we were gossiping and try to console each other with tears. yeah..maybe it would go that way.sometimes, i feel like i'm afraid to move on to the next level of life! loosing the teenagers time where i can regret for the rest of my life....but somehow, life is like this. i have to admit it. so if i dont wanna regret it, i have to fulfill my life with joy and more tears and no more cry!

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