Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Return After 3 weeks.


Right now, enjoying the cold freezing winter in Adelaide. -.-

So, as I sit in my 'freezer' big room alone with my huge warm blanket that covers the whole me, I start to think on a lot of things especially my future. But no matter how much I think about it, there is always no solution provided because the future is always unpredictable. Once, somebody touched me by saying this to me. It's a big hit on my head.

The person asked me to enjoy and value every moment in your life. If you found yourself struggling for your assignments, tests, lab reports or uni works etc etc, enjoy and value it by giving your very best in it! Because, what you feel is on that particular time only. You will never feel the same even you are doing the next assignments. Hahaha, it really makes sense right? If you are sad right now, then value it by whatever things that can make you relief. I always like the feeling of 'I am okay' after crying when I feel so crushed and busted. It feels like ---> Made it after all! Though we always know & remember on how it feels to be hurt, on one fine day, when you look back at it, you'll miss on how strong you were at that time :)

There is up and down in life. Like one of my colleague (I am downgrading your position now) said, shit does happen when in fact he is the one who always do the shitting. lol. Anyway, I am always reminded by a sister who says, Allah is always with you. Alhamdulillah Allah ease my way all this while. So I am currently waiting for my Biochemistry replacement result. I feel nervous, but whatever is given to me. That's the best. Trust trust and trust Him. Because He loves his slave who always rely on him, and Allah that would always be me.

Notes to myself,
Moga sentiasa tenang, redha dengan ketentuanNya. Semua ini pinjaman dari Allah. Tiada apa, tiada siapa itu milik kita, kerana dengan izin Dia, Dia akan bagi. Even masa & rezeki juga Allah yang beri. Jangan takut tinggal assignments sekejap, jangan takut luang masa untuk dakwah kerana janji Allah, sesiapa yang menolong agamaku, Aku akan menolongmu (47;7) Juga buat awk, kalau bukan awak inshaAllah ada yang lebih baik because the preparation I've made is solely for 'him-my future' not you :)

If you put your trust in Allah, everything would fall on its place perfectly.

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