Tuesday, December 13, 2016



I had my daurah held in Gombak last weekend and then decided to sleepover at yuci's apartment for a night. Well just staying to look for a new hijab in masjid jamek because a friend is getting married in less than 2 weeks time and yazz found the perfect colour alhamdulillah :) I knew masjid jamek is a shopping heaven for certain people but I haven't been there sampaila yuci bawak semalam. I actually been there numerous times just for travelling purposes obviously; changing line etc. Tak pernah turun pun and yes I was surprised with lots of choices. Dresses? Tudung, palazo? You named it semua adaaa. Yang penting murah coz I bought my tudung for just RM10. hehe

Anyway, this Syafiqa actually is not so resistant with dust, kurang minum air and lack of sleep rupanya.

I don't know what is happening to me lately but I fall sick again for quite a number of times this year. Had a very bad cold last 2 months, that one is normal because I usually experience it every year. Maybe because I had my head cramp for a week attending seminars which I did not have any interests of, hahaha but the main contribution must be I don't drink much water in a day. Sebab seminar duduk dalam bilik ada aircond lol.

This time it happens again. Aaaa. I thought I would stay healthy until the end of the year but I am not. Another thing duduk dalam bilik aircond, and I don't even brought any bottles with me T.T When I get back to the accommodation, the place was okay for everyone including me except for my body physiology. I think it must be a bit dusty since I sneezed a few times. Nevertheless, my body defense mechanism did a good job at that time. I was doing fine those two days. I get cranky on the 3rd day. Bangun2 dah sakit tekak dah and I knew it's a bad sign!

Rumah yuci pulak dia terlupa nak masak air, sooo again I don't drink much. As soon as we get out, I rushed to buy strepsil, just to take a quick action. As we arrived masjid jamek, lagilaaaa. I can't stop sneezing T.T ya Allah. This time, i think the environment there is a bit non hygienic for my weak body (mesti immune system kita dah letih dah time ni haha), too much people which increases the possibility of virus spreading and last but not least, habuk kain. Masa kat situ juga I looked for hurix, bought piles of small tissues which I used them all today and panadol at the same time. I drank 2 big bottles of water just to keep hydrated from yesterday and end up going to toilet every 2 hours lol. I feel a bit better tonight but as soon as I think of doing my laundry I feel weak again -__- Anyone nak offer laundry services? Anyway, please pray for my health. Next week is my proposal defense, and I have not completed my slides yet.

 "I went out last Friday and have made up my mind on which perfume I wanted to buy. I haven't buy it yet though. So if it happens for you to go out or visit 'The Body Shop', tell me what do you think about it :)"

It's White Musk Smoky Rose!

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