Monday, December 5, 2016

Next destination


Today is normal as it is. Just extra tired and I decided not to go to any symposium or doing any lab works today. Chilling in my room is the best thing to do. I am pampering myself with my fave routine, reading new novel I won for entering a review competition while settling some works. I am still framing my weekly schedule and memorizing some short hadeeth for this weekend. Nevertheless, my appetite just do not declining today dah kenapa. haha. Bahagia betul pulak hari ni. 

As I scrolling may facebook timeline, I came across a graphic image of choosing your next destination konon-kononnya. It is like you have to tap once on the graphic and it will state your next visiting country. So I tapped, and my next destination is Kenya. To be honest I only know Kenya is located in Africa and I have this assumption of it is a poor country. Okay, stereotype kan. So I googled. And yeah pretty much it is true. I read about its poverty rate. It is kind of sad... Children dominate the country, it is 42% of the population, so they have problems to make up the education. So little physicians, 1 doctor with 14 nurses to cater like hundreds of people. Ya tuhann. How is life over there? Kalau New Zealand boleh buat insaf just by looking at the powerful creations, kebesaranNya and all, Kenya would make you bersyukur instead I bet. 

So I tried to search some of the famous attractions in Kenya (looks like I'm planning a trip already lol). Kenya is famous with is savanna safaris. Dramatic extreme and classic contrasts I reckon, they way I look at it at least. Macam boleh nyanyi 'hakuna mentata' je. I must feel like in animal planet at times or even national geographic if I were to go there for real. hehe. I bet dad would be amazed of this country too because he watches Animal Planet. His fave channel I can say that.

Anyway, my top 3 countries for me to explore are Switzerland, Turkey and Japan-again. I like Japan so much that I think I can go there over and over again, numerous time pun I have no problem. Some people asked me why do I wanna visit those countries so much? As for Switzerland, I adore its beauty and nature. Ya Allah it is just so so beautiful, just cant takes my eyes off from it. Cantik sangat. Tengok gambar je pun dah melting. Kalau pergi mungkin taknak balik agaknya haha. Turkey is soo reach of its history. Islamic history and I admire Sultan Muhammad Al Fateh so much. I even bought the book, likes any page in regards of turkish and ottoman empire. Read book about 'cara mendidik anak seperti al fateh', see I'm so immersed with it :) Japan on the other hand is so rich of its culture, food and places too. You'll find Japanese full of honesty and value their heritage so much. They are proud of their bloodline and have faith in what they are doing. They trust their people and work to develop Japan with so much efforts. Orang jepun ni rajin rajin dan sangat jujur. Aaaa I just wanna go back there and eat sushi a lot.  hehe tak habis habis. Tunggu la gaji berkepok kepok sampai 50k.

Since I can't move on just yet with the result, I keep on tapping to look at among all these 3 countries, which country would at least hit my luck this time. 

Okay, sekarang dah puas hati. Ahahahaha

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