Wednesday, December 21, 2016

How I celebrated my day

Assalamualaikum peeps,

So today marks the end of my big tasks.

I had successfully defended my proposal last Monday and done with my ethics test today. Yeayy for me! Kelas ethics tu ialah kelas paling power dan dahsat if I have to compare with my classes during my undergraduate days. Not because of the content but because of my lecturer who can talk non-stop for 3 hours hahaha. Kalau tengok belah brothers tu semua dah ketiduran. Sisters juga la yang gigih tahan dengar walaupun dalam kepala dah terbayang sedapnya lahai kalau disaat ini dapat tidur atas tilam yang empuk sambil didodoikan dengan celoteh Dr Ibrahim hehe.

So, for the past few days I don't really eat. Revising and practising my slides. Upgrading it, discussed with my supervisor and get it done quickly so I can do my mock presentation several times. The crucial part was of course the methods. Examiner asked lots of questions for sure. T.T Then she met my supervisor and outlined her suggestions again. Such a dedicated examiner, thank you very much :)

After my test was over, I began craving for foods. Macam tahu tahu je, perut ni perlukan celebration hehehe. I tagged along with a friend to change our bank card into paywave system and later decided to go for a hispter cafe around Kuantan. We were looking for coffee to be frank. Sadly, all cafes are close at lunch hour.

We decided to go for Jhonnys afterwards.

Had my steam chickens! yumms

Fave ice cream after Copenhagen and Gelatissimo

Anyway, I read a very interesting stories in iium confession. Inspired by the stories, haha right after the lunch and dessert, we headed to iium's library, and started to look for historical reads. Aside from learning sciences, I have inner curiosity in historical stories. To let this mind in a peaceful state for a while after cramping it with tons of scientific materials, I had my mocha and rooting myself with reading books in the library. Perfect timing for me :) Though it was kind of hard to look for this section, I encountered with a lot of medical books and scientific books in the library before finally got it revealed after 40 minutes.

I can't remember its name. This is an impromtu plan when kak Suphia 
turned her car and came across a hipster cafe. I had this for dinner today.

It's been a great day today. 
I feel like hosting Rasa Halal Antarabangsa. Kahkah

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