Friday, January 19, 2007

Although There's a huge ship called titanic,the biggest ship is our friendship...

A letter to my friends,
We've been through a lot of moments.We share laugh and tears together.You make my life as bright as the sunshine and that's the meaning of our friendship!Love you guys a lotzzzz!!!!No one can break our friendship.NEVER!!!

Moody and cannot takes jokes easily.She is cute too.(Act,she asked me to write it out.duh!!)hehhe. :P It would be sooo nice to spent time with her because she is too funny and loves to fool around.Don't try to make her angry or she will scream madly.
Lina's trademark:"Go Go Chaiyok!!"
Loves to smile and laugh.I love to spent time with her chatting and talking about 'B kuase 2' :P and stuff like school and teachers.We love to tell our memory during primary school together.
Nadz's trademark:"sure.hahaha"
Easy going and kind hearted girl.Fatt and i like to talk about the latest korean movie/drama so damn much!+her mother was studying in Korean be4 so she knows about some of the korean culture too.She knows to make kimchi.
She is so feminine and has a lot of trendy and expensive stuff.(She's indeed wealthy act.)When she buys you present,you will not expect what will she gives you.She has a good taste in clothes too.Maz's trademark:"Comel"
Fun to be with and loves to make people laugh.She is good at playing hockey.Everyone likes to be her friends and she treats people very well.She is so close to Maz and sometimes she's a bit sensitive.
Jimi's trademark:none

Sporting and easy going.A bit sensitive and value those around her so much.I always share my feeling and thought to her.She likes to ask my opinion too.
Sue's trademark:"tak der motifnyer"
Smart,use logics to solve something and pretty cute i guess.I spent my free time after school with her doing our homework and study together.She is also mature and serious.
Ona's trademark:"Giler kentang!"
Fun to be with.Nice funny and humble.I share lots of secret with her and she keep it forever!!.We've know each other since we are in kindergarten and we share a lot of sweet memories together.
Nani's trademark:"Assalamualaikum dan mintak maaf"
Cute and loves to laugh too(same as nadz)Nadz and Ned are good friends from primary school.She's once went to boarding school but come to our school back because she was missing us badly i guess.hehehe.:P
Ned's trademark:Laugh out loud!!


pinky fat said...

sweet gler ko nye blog 4 frens 4 eva 2.........t'haru aku......... nak nangis rase nye.... tnx 4 b'ing my fren 4 eva........ i luv u lotzzzzzzzzzzzzz..........

Wan Syafiqa said...

thanks fatt.yeah...our friendship will never ends!!

lotzz of love,
wan syafiqa tsukushi.. :P

autumn_tears said...

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious, it is the true source of art, science, and friendship."
- Albert Einstein

even the great scientist in this world admire the power of friendship..


Wan Syafiqa said...

everybody values friendship..

p/s:i don't think mysterious and science is the most beautiful thing i can experinced.just kidding.LOL :p
Hey, I know you love it...

Elysia said...

Good post.