Friday, January 19, 2007

We are sisters,we stand together.You for me and me for you forever...

My Sister Is...
someone who helps me find my smile.
Who accepts me for what I am.
who lets me know that my efforts
really are worthwhile, and that
my accomplishments are worthy ones.
She lets me know that she will
catch me if I fall. She's so much
more wonderful than she will admit
to being. She watches out for me
and helps me through it all...

My Sister Is...
someone I'm very
proud to be related to.
Having her as such a special
part of my family has given me
memories that I wouldn't trade for
anything and hopes that I'll have for
when the two of us are far away from
each other,our thoughts will make sure
we stay together.

My Sister Is...
a person who is great to have around.
She's someone who laughs at my jokes and she understands the times when I need a shoulder to cry on.

My Sister...
deserves to know that even though I
don't always get a chance to show it,
she is absolutely essential to the
happiness... that lives within my heart.

Her name is Wan Syakira.She is currently studying in UIA taking Bechelor English Literature(BEN)course.She is sweet and kind hearted sister.She The fairest among us.She loves poetry and enjoy reading.We share our problems together.Funny sometimes and help me whenever i have problems.i'm so lucky to have a sister like you!!

Her name is Wan Syamimi.She is the smartest among us.She is taking medical course.She always help me when i have problems in mathematics and science.Sis Syamimi and I love to watch korean and japanese series together.She is also a girl who loves to listen to musics and watch television whenever she has free time.

My sister Sujaihah is a very fussy girl.Good at story telling and has a very powerful voice.Sometimes I have to cover my ears!!!hahaha.She is the skinniest among us.She is a harworking girl and very loyal.She is studying In all girls school.She wants to become a doctor when she grow up and she is trying really hard to achieve it.

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