Sunday, January 14, 2007

An Unexpecting Moment!!

I just come home after spending my time with my friends, Chew, Sue, Ona and her neighbour, Sarah. It was totally a great time and i definetly enjoyed myself.Actually, i was afraid that Chew would split out some words that would make Ona hurt but thanked god,everything was going so well!I could see that Ona was having fun too when Chew was talking some annoying things.The truth is, Chew was hating spending time with Ona.That's the point!!!Sue and I both tried to overcome it.I was really worried at that time.I don't know what was in Ona's mind.Finally, it all lasts nicely.I was soo grateful! =) This is so unexpecting time!!


autumn_tears said...

wawawi.... i also not expected how it can be..
actually, i'm pity 4 chew coz this is her program.. but, this program spoiled by wan n me... we told ona bout this prog n she want to join us too!! i'm so sorry chew..
nway, thx god there's nothing bad happen.. chew, next time kitorg blanja ko plak ok!!!

Wan Syafiqa said...

I truly did not expect that she would come too because i did not tell her in details!

p/s:fuh!that's make me feel creepy ma..

autumn_tears said...

hmm.. she join us and beg chew to treat her.. how can be??

p/s : creepy tu bkn geli geleman ke?? ekekekek