Saturday, January 27, 2007

Post For Today.

Today i was having tution for the whole day!!of course it make me tired!!whoa..that was sooo crazy!i don't know how could i study in the cooooooolddddd class for about 6 hours!!I was freezing and disable to write bcoz the room is so damn cold and i felt like studying in a room with ice surrounding me.hurmmm...i got a necklace from Chew today.She is so kind to everyone although she is a little bit crazy and loves to fool around.Oh ya!!she bought my sister chocolate for her birthday!!The chocolate is too expensive!!I did not expect she will give her that.It just that i told her my sister's birthday is coming soon and she is too excited to buy her present.I thought that she was kidding at that moment so while i was waiting for my father to pick me up from tution i saw that she ran to me and gave me a box of FERERRO ROCHE chocolate for my sister!!Oh god,she is so kind.Sometimes i feel touched when i think of what she did to me.I'm thinking to buy her something.i know,she loves to see people happy and right now i'm listening to the musics which she lend me a few days ago.The musics are nice!!I like "The Bridge" album most.It's a japanese anime series ost actually.I guess my brother had the album already but i never have the oppurtunity to listen to his collection.I'm kindda afraid to him.hahaha.By the way, I bought birthday present for my friends today.It is a t-shirt.I hope they will like it. :)


autumn_tears said...

fuh!! that day was the very very tired day!! dari pukul 9 to 6.30 tu!!! adehh.... damn cold.. i thought i already die at there.. hehe.. but thank god u bring telekung so we can "berselubung" in it.. huhu..
chew gave ur sis a fererro roche????? wow! baik beno la dia tu.. we can't expect what will she do rite?? she always make suprise 4 us... huhuh

Wan Syafiqa said...

yep..she bought her fererro roche.That's incredibly crazy right?yeah..Chew loves to make suprise.fuh..what a very tiring day.