Tuesday, January 30, 2007


the stories that linh_chan wrote is sooo good.Finally, i have already finished reading Cherish is a Yamapi story.She made it all up okay..hehehe..I like it and i'm currently obsess with the story right now.Mostly, i like the way linh write the story and the plot. It has a lot of sweet and romantic scenes.Actually, there is another story in that website.It is called Snow Globe.The story is nice too but it has more chapters to continue.Linh_Chan has make a good work!All of her stories are nice.Besides, every singles chapter has the music background.Sometimes i feel like watching a drama.Actually, I have put the link at the blog roll for those who are interested in reading it.(Linh_Chan stories)Now, I am reading another yamapi story.Yeah, the stories is indeed pretty long but it seems exciting..I only read the 1st chapter and it make me want to know the rest of the story.This story is not made up by linh...but it is interesting and kindda funny.I like it..Both of them have a great skills at making up stories!I put the link too so check it out at the blog roll.

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