Thursday, December 3, 2009

Updates !

Here readers comes the updates !

Well..where should i start.hmm.yea all this year seems tough for me.n creating the new me in the new school is kinda easy.what i'm trying to day is ppl! u have the tendency to try so many field dat u urself know ur hidden talents! ;) i've transfered myself to the new school for your information readers. It's the Sains Kepala Batas. the new boarding school n i tend to be the 1st batch. well, my batch has to overcome so many obstacles living in a zero contented hostel! haha.kinda xciting actually as we all have to decide our own image n ppl views on us.n i give it a woooowwW! ^^ sooo many works to do maa.. bear in mind ppl. sooo, ive heard dat a lot of requests from the upcoming f.1 students applying to further their studies in my school which i myself could hardly think, 'r they make the right decision' ohh well yes. i think my school would be quite a good one in future.mybe the next 5 years.i guess so...because i've seen the triumph presented by the students lately..hehe

today, ive just receivd 2 texts and a call from him.otoh, 11miss calls and a call from the so called up boy. haha.irritating boy.ohh, yea..he was just calling me ! to say that his phone is not available ryte now n i love you. i didnt able to say a word jus now n dear, i love you too. :) he has been work so hard lately to buy a new phone.hmm..dear, i dont like to see you work so hard n coming home late dear. ksiaann plz bby, come home early ea? i miss u.

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