Saturday, December 5, 2009

My day out.

Yesterday was a very happy day but a sad end. I met my bro who is currently seating 4 spm in koleq so ive got the chance to meet him yesterday considering the fact that he's going to move out from the school the next tuesday which generally means the end of spm papers. Yea2..guess that im going to miss u like hell abg ! Normally u r there for me when im back from my Hellene hostel life. please keep in touch wit ur lil sis ok? n yesterday i met coco too. wallahh..their spm trial result smea gmpak2 bro n him obtained 8as and 1b for their trial. guess that i have to beat their result next year. can i? ohh, for sure. xP haha.janji melayu btol!haha..

i reached home at 4 yesterday.merempt dgn syafiqah.funnnn...i admit it.heee~ and rushing to perform zohor prayer.yea3.smpt2.ahakz. ;) then texting wit my sweetie and abg fariz. guess that ive discovered something that i myself didnt expect it. abg said that i can come to koleq today to get his books for my xm next year.abg, will meet ya soon ! =) n coco said he wants to take pictures with me together n i said i dont mind. but then my sweetie said that he gets jealous with that and tell me if possible dont go to mc bcoz they might ask me to stay for a while at balai sejahtera or pondok biru..?i guess so.pondok biru kot.xigt what was the name.but i know the place.huhu.dear, promise ya i wont do anything that seems wrong for ur view.ok?

at night, i cooked after watching high school musical 3.the songs in hsm3 mostly were nice but still i think that i love hsm1 more. and i enjoy my meal yesterday which is nasi goreng.i cooked it was nice. msakan bantai je tue bcoz im not used to cook by myself at home.mostly, mom n kak ngah done it. :D i cooked bcoz i was left alone with my younger sis.surely, i can cook better than her ! haha..guess that im proud enough of it. haha.and it is bcoz my sis doesnt know a thing about housework.!huhu

the end of my day yesterday was receiving a text from coco saying that he's sorry bcoz he doesnt know to say gudybye in a proper way.yea, he was like a stone yesterday.haha. then i sleep with holding a phone thinking to reply his text.but sorry.i was too tired to do so.huhu.THE END.

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