Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lesson : Listens to the oldies words.

My previous post was in an uncontrolled emotion actually. haha. feels shame to read it back. but nahh,i wont delete may do reminds me of the scars they've done. :)
at least it was the moment whereas i hurt a lot.

Back to the topic. ^^
Today's lesson is..I have to learn listening to my parents' instructs ! haha. guess that ive been a really stuborn girl lately. well yeah, i didnt done the laundry yet the house works. lazy girl ! haha. so abah n mak started to compared my siblings with their so called up friends and the most worse thing is my cousins. compared with the uptown girls? haiiiktuiii! :P i dare to admit that they envy us a lot.especially when it comes to the education thingy..most of them are girls and all of them are all pretty with the cute face and the fair skinned tone. a bit like chinese looks and a they will throw the sweet smile to people and greet them nicely while my siblings considered it as pervert. guess that we envy them too. hehe. compared to us who likely to have every inch different personallity starting from my big brother along, kak ngah, kak yang, me and adik. every single of us have different character, personallity and of course differnt appearance. more to a unique family but i just love to have them as my angles that brighten my every day. =)

As for today people. i done nothing much. i wake up late to day at 10 a.m. went to get my bath and have a talk with mak. then i ate. at 1 i started doing the hw which brought me the tought, do the questions are hard or am that stupid to answer the simple questions? giving up doing my homework i read history text book. starting feeling boring, i shut the book closed and open the novel written by meg cabot. then he called. i smile and answered the call. the voice. i miss it like hell ! i wish he would talk to me longer. but then he said, "ok la, ill call you time by time" my heart sank but i didnt show it. huhu. so i say ok. actually i was out of credit and its not good to ask ppl calling you always including him. soo..redha je la.haha. ;) but then my sister came with a sad look and said, "abah marah, bilik sepah. langsir tak pasang." and then lying beside me and said "nak tido" i laughed. hahaha. she was supposely going upstairs to do what abah said but actually she went up to run from abah's lectures and scolds. if im at her place.ill do the same thing.hik2. then i sleep with her and receiving the text from my sweetheart. he said he called after reaching home so i'm waiting for his call while playing game with adik to fill my boredom. best jgakk main pet society nih. ;))
then i quit after receiving his call.

so that's all for today. gtg. have a nice day viewers ! ^^

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