Saturday, December 19, 2009

2 weeks left...

Hah! let's see. we have two weeks left before school starts. before ive reached form5. before i seat for the biggest examination that would determine which way should i persue. ohh..luckily, i have fun these few days. a REAL fun. I went to kL for a 5 and 4 night trip. gosh! if i have to choose only a word to describe it, i would say SWEET. =) why? chances to meet him is everywhere. i see him almost everyday. seriously, it vanished the missing him feeling for a moment. but then it started again. haaihh... so looks like im gonna miss school like hell after this. well, senior year ?! seems like fun huh? we'll see.

gtg. more updates before goin back to hostel.
promise ya!

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