Sunday, September 5, 2010


Hi readers!

what's up on today? today i've done a lot of work. yeah, cleaning stuffs and cooking ! :) lately, it's like my job to cook for the whole family since mom is not really feeling well, so i'll take the responsibility to cook for them. yea. it's a bit tough as dad is a bit fussy about food and keep on comparing the food with mom's. it happens to be that way. but not for this while. haha. abah kate sedap. well, i'm happy. :)

erm currently i'm trying hard not to think about it. so much things to do.i'll keep myself busy every moments so that i will not think about it often.

List of things to do so it won't really play on my mind ;
  1. Don't visit his profile often. well, it's a lot miserable. xpe. cuba!
  2. Don't try to look at my mobile phone at night. I might starting to miss him.
  3. Keep myself a real busy.Pretty much, it's tiring.It burden me a lot. Cess.
  4. Value those people around me especially friends and family.
  5. Recite Quran more. It helps me to reduce my stress toward everything especially him and my studies.
  6. Don't listen to love song especially the broken hearted one. If i'm not show it physically, i'll be crying inside heavily. Better not.
  7. Contact other people if i'm starting to push on his number. thanks rizman, zul, and korek. haha. sorry kalau kacau korang. ;)
  8. Delete his number ! I've done it. however, how would i delete his number from my memories?
  9. Don't look at his picture again ! it would bring up all the memories back.
  10. Keep on studying. I'll show him.


nur iqa said...

good strt :)

Wan Syafiqa said...

thank you fren. i wish i am a lot more stronger !

Farah Ain Ubeyda said...

haha. i think i'm gonna take that adviceees. thnx wan.. :) hey, can i post it on my blog? :D

Wan Syafiqa said...

of coz my dear. i don't mind. :)