Monday, September 6, 2010

What's been up lately ?

Good morning everyone!

It is a bright and cool morning. I don't know why. Instead, it does not raining. huhu. So how does my day starts? It started at 0000 as I was chatting with him which he asked me to call him Afoq, the SASian. Arhh, guess that I miss him quite a lot. :) Met him at KESUMA and he was quite charming. No doubt, with tall and broad shoulder yet quite tough. Well, the hockey player normally looks like that right ? U bet. The most girl's preference. ;p So, well i chatted with him nearly 3 hours and i enjoyed it so much. I slept at 3. and just wake up at 8.30. look at my phone anndd.. say what?! the num...ber. o'oh. I could feel like the electric current has just passed me through. guess that i should put the thinner resistance so it won't really effect my day. haha. so xpe la. i did reply his's ok. no need to say it here.malas nk igt because i'm still one progression. ahh, kene kuat ! kene jgak ! pakse diri ! huhu. and the bother line, acah and dina said jgan lebey2! i guess i obeyed the bother line even though i feel like nk lebey2 jgak. hahaha. chill2 ! I'm strong ! yeahh... ;)

So this holiday, i notice something weird. I mean the boys that i dumped 2 years ago or my be year ago..contacting me back. uh huh. i tell you it was SCARY. ok let me start with the 1st one.

Ex-koleqian boy ;
I was watching the NEWS on TV as i noticed my phone was vibrating. aik, he called. so i picked up the phone and.. "hello" and... the conversation becomes smooth. ohh, i miss him as a friend of course. so he seems fine and i don't want to bother him as he's going to have tests on the upcoming days. I'm wishing him luck and continue my day as usual. It's ok. i misscall him first and hope to get the good feedback then. and yeahh, I'm happy. :)

Ex-camping boy ;
I was tidying up my house when again i noticed my phone keeps on vibrating. ohh, dia rupanya. so I approached him as usual. asking how has he been. what was him doing and blah3. tiba2... "awk, saya tunggu awak lepas SPM tau. :) " ohh, hell. i'm in trouble. dy igt lg ?? I thought it was all over as i said that thingy. I also have forgotten for what i was saying. alamak. yes, credit when off! i didn't reply. he really waits for me for real ? unbelievable. he called me last night. i rejected the calls and at last, i answered it sweetly. I mean i taste the feeling before so i wont let others get the same back at least not FROM ME. So with tons of fake explanations and good reasons, i was able to handle the heart with care. :) but seriously, the thing do not only stops there, i have to talk to him later after the SPM. bbbaaassyyya!!

Ex-tuition classmate ;
Wake up for sahur. look at my phone and aik, he texts me and got some misscalls from him. so msg2..he splited this word. " ohh, sayang btol kamu kt aku yek." hah? wth? aduhh.plik3. so i replied him back. "mesti la.kau kan kwn aku :) " don't forget the smileys. so it continues during the nights and i found out that arhh. dy jdik mat rempit !!! lumba haram? aiyaaa... scary nye.. and3, he wants to meet me? ohh..again not with mat rempit. it does scare me a lot. so, for sake of friendship i said, "ya2.boleh jea" but didn't even made up promises.i should think of good excuses after this. phewww..what has been up lately ?


his midori said... r...
siyes gler...
at tha same time..
siyes ko kjam kat depa..

Wan Syafiqa said...

huh, ko igt aku nk jmpe ke mat rempit ??ahh..takot2..haha.lgpon, ape aku nk bwat ? wey, safy..tue yg aku mampu least dy xrase skit aty cm aku rase tyme kene dump. ehek. =.=