Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Ramadhan Kareem

Assalamualaikum & Ramadhan Mubarak everyone!

Today marks the 18th days of Ramadhan. Time really passed by so quickly! In two days time, Ramadhan would be reaching its last 10 days. Surely no one gonna miss the last 10 days as Laylatul Qadr would fall within it. Allah promises great rewards to us. May everyone who is currently reading, would be grated the ni'mah of Laylatul Qadr. Whenever this holy month come, the spirit is undoubtedly unusual. Recalling my last halaqah session, this holy month is said to be barakah because it is the time when you can finish your 30 juzuk of Quran easily. Whatever ibadah you commit would be receiving great great rewards and at this time Allah heard your prayers the most. MashaAllah, I'm so in love with this month!

Few years back then, when I heard people said they would feel very sad when Ramadhan leaves, I couldn't understand why. When tarbiyyah approaches me I finally found the sole reason why fasting is compulsory for Muslims. Muslims need to fast to seek Taqwa. Do you know what Taqwa is? It is when your heart is being purified & all you want is just to obey and follow your Lord's command. After all, taqwa is like a requirement to be a good Muslim because it serves the purpose of your existence at the first place; [2;30] and [51;56]. Therefore, this 30 days is sort of like a training for the Muslims. It is the training of the heart. During this time, as it is known of its heavenly barakah month, Allah eases everything for you. The act of practicing ibadah seems easy and on track because there is no syaitonirojim around you haha

Out of the things I mentioned above, the most important part is it is the month of forgiveness. So never tired of doing taubah and asking for forgiveness, Remember, this is the time when Allah heard you the most? :') We, the human beings are always committing sins. I sincerely hope that all ibadah we did during Ramadhan will continuously grow and the process of seeking Taqwa does not stop after Ramadhan. Once it really leaves us, I hope that Allah accepted our act of worshiping Him.

When I look at people around me, I feel like somehow the purpose of fasting is diverted. Honestly, I am very shocked to know that some celebrities has already prepared hundreds of baju raya? I am still very shocked up till now even though I came across the news last week. It is unbelievably irrelevant lol. Well, I have no problems on preparing it in advance hence we can focus more in this month. But, Islam encourages us to be modest and the purpose of fasting is not celebrating Eid. Fret not, I was one of the kind too. When I wasn't reminded of why and how all this while, I was thinking of hari raya too. What's more fun than Eid? Lots of food and you have the chance to meet all your relatives updating your life and gossiping as well. A big eater like me would found fasting is quite troublesome because I can't always enjoy foods like I use to yet it makes you feel weak. Well in fact, most of the wars, the opening of Spain etc happened during Ramadhan! Fasting should make you productive, less stuffs for you to think I guess. hehe

Anyway, again to build a good ummah & nation (I went back to Kuala Kangsar for PRK kecil, dan saya menyokong calon muslim berwibawa. hehe), I seriously think that we should live with full Islamic-basis. Islam has given us guidelines to follow. Please don't be just a muslim by name, we should be a practicing muslim instead!

People asked me, what makes my Ramadhan so special this year?

After 3 years of finding its true meaning, I am here celebrating Ramdhan in Malaysia! hoyeah.
I had the chance of breaking my fast with my whole big family though I know mom is not here.
I am immersed with Ramadhan even more. 

Salam Layltul Qadr!

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