Friday, March 30, 2007

Practical teacher~

i am kindda bored right now..ohh..suddenly, i remember the times when a ckg praktikal dtg klas kteorang time subject sains.hahaha..really2 enjoyed the conversation with ckg.Ckg tue sgt sastera la..whoa..he said that my name,Syafiqa is kind of a simbolik.ckg said, syafiqa tue mcm lukisan yg bersopan-santun.sue plak ckg kate name yg indah.However, ckg called sue, s/u.hahaha..that's totally funny.yeah..i indeed had a great time chatting with ckg.from the first time, i thought ckg is kind of a flirting teacher because he is the one who looked at me from up to down during kem kepimpinan pengawas.but still he says that he cannot takes his eyes on girls.that's what he says.yeah..but he is not as bad as what i think before.he so totally sporting!we can talk to him like friends.

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