Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My friends love's life...

i'm back to school after a week!!'s too tired.and today, miss p-vier asked me to look for a teddy bear as she disable to find one for 'someone special' today.neddy on the other hands, asked me to buy three button pins which have the letter 'Z' on is for her 'someone special' too.however, i could only find one.gomen nasai.diorang nie betul la melayan perasaan.kte lak yg jd mangsa..huh.and today too...i felt very pity to Jimi.she finds out the truth at last!!that boy which she has been dating for cheated on her!how dare is that boy! Jimi really hurts and i know it's time to lend my shoulder to cry's okay jimi.proof to that boy that there are a lot of other boys who is waiting for you and you are not as fool as what he thinks!can you imagine?,your bf/gf is with some other girls or boys?holding hands(igt la agama sikit)he do not even care about jimi!!of course, deep inside you will bleeding and painful!what kind of boy is that?he only knows to say sweet things.what a bakayarou!don't worry jimi.just stay cool ne?to maz, i hope you will live happily ever after.. :) to nadz and fatt, i don't know what to say la..duh!!to ona, gambatte!!i know you will make it sue, i hope you will meet you future bf as soon as possible.i mean the alien ya! :P to nani, your jesse mcartney will always stays in your heart k? :) to niesa, "no one loves him like i do" yeah, you really proof that to me! :)i hope all of your dreams wil really come true k. i'll pray for you! :D


autumn_tears said...

thx yerk..;p
hahahah..aku x dpt bygkn cemana la rupa bf aku nnt..
tp..mmg kesian betul la kt jimi..
gram tol ngn lee n ina ^&^%#*(*%&$E tu..
nk je aku %$(*^$#((%) deme tu..

hahah..byk btol kna censored ek..

Lina Abdul Jalil said...

huhuhu..apa daa wan nih...
kiter mmg slalu melayan perasaan..hahha...
someone special?? uish..saper ar yg lucky tu ek???
hahhaaha.. :)
anyway..aku harap ko bahagia ngan yamapi..hepi ending tuk kengkwan :)
aku menunggu kad jemputan perkahwinan korang.... :)

Wan Syafiqa said...

to autumm_tears,
yep..diorang tue buat kte meluat arr!!but now i found out that ina is a nice girl.only lee is the one who treat jimi like that!

to miss p-vier,
yeah..who is that lucky person??hey, you should answer that. :P thanks for the wish lina...anyway, i have to wait at least 5 years.a long way to go..duh!!

Lina Abdul Jalil said...

huk huk huk.. :)