Friday, March 23, 2007

Mr. Romantic?

i'm not going for school today coz i catch a fever.yesterday,when i was on my way home, it was raining so now i have to suffer like this!however,yesterday..a boy did sweet things to me.the conductor bus asked me to lift the window because it was raining was too heavy for me to lift it.suddenly i heard"aii..pak cik.tgk ajer ke?"and then the pak cik murmuring saying that he could not helping bacause of blah blah blah..i don't know what the pak cik said.then a boy come closer to me and help me to lift that window.i was totally melting yesterday..hahahah...the boy indeed cute! :P anyway, ina confessed everything to jimi yesterday.i was beside jimi listening to i know that the one who should feel guilty is lee..that boy!ina is a nice girl.she told jimi that she will let jimi to date that boy and she will break up with him tomorrow.but jimi said that it's ok."i won't date that liar anymore".that's what jimi said!but soon after we had a talk with ina..jimi cried.i know it is hard to forget your first love jimi.don't worry still have friends like us. :) anyway, i found this video at youtube as i was searching for that cute dafi.hehehe...he is just too adorable!!love him!! :) it shows that he is a very romantic boy and i love the way he talk!his english is good!

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