Thursday, March 29, 2007

Yamapi's quotation...

today, i got my b.m n agama's pretty disappointed me.but i am grateful enough to score such marks.i pitty niesa.she failed in the agama exam but are trying your best right?it is time proof to ustaz that you will get an excellent result!i know you can do it.anyway, i watched 'cinta medik' just now.hahah..pretty weird right?i used not to watch that kind of romantic they are!hahaha..planning to watch it next week. :P yeah..i found an article about how yamapi appreciate his fans and fans' that letter, he mentioned that he loves to recieve letters than phones or email because it is handwritten.

so here it goes some of his quote:
-->If it comes to me, I always look through it. I read a lot of fan letter and I was surprised when I realized that "I'm a part of my fan's life."
:me:you are really a part of my life.:P

-->I was really happy with the one that said "My entire family loves you!!" or the one that said "We record every T.V show that Yamashita-kun is on, and we watch it over and over again on video," and it made me happy that parents and kids were watching it together.
:me:hey, my entire siblings love you including my brother. :)

-->Before, there was a lot that said "I like you!", but now there's a lot that says things like "Today the sky is beautiful. When the sky is pretty, my heart clears up as well." There are many people that notice the small moments of everyday life, which it makes me happy, thinking "I know, I know!"
:me:act, i don't have any idea with this.but anyway, i like the quote. :)

-->Lately, I receive air mail from fans in other countries. Sometimes, the words or grammars are wrong, but that's not something to laugh at. After all, it's not about the words. The person's feelings are on the paper. When I think that maybe that person studied Japanese really hard to write me that letter, that thought makes me really happy.
:me:i want to study japanese because of you too lor.. :)you really appreciate ur fans right?if only you know...hurm..nvm!

-->But, in truth, whether if it’s a letter from a person that I really really like, or a letter from a fan, the contents…… I don’t really remember it. I’m sorry! But the happiness I felt from receiving it is definitely in my heart.
:me:you make me feel a little disappointed but it's ok when u said that the happiness u felt is recieving is in ur heart.

-->But even with a person i like, when I really want to express my feeling, I decide to write a letter. To me, a letter is something you give to someone that’s really important to me. Letters makes me shay and somewhat embarrassed. That’s why I only write to people that’s past that embarrassing feeling. I don’t write a rough draft. I usually just rip off a sheet of paper from a notebook. People who’s seen my handwriting would know, but I have really bad, dirty handwriting. I don’t want to write if I can help it. But I think that “my feeling is portrayed with this writing.”
:me:for me, it's least, u are trying to tell something to the person u like by writting eventhough ur handwritting is bad.nevermind lor.. ;)


autumn_tears said...

try la tulih surat kt yamapi..sure dia suka.. ;)

Lina Abdul Jalil said...

kah kah kah!!!
wan dh angau !!
kah kah kah..
anyway aku skang dlm dilema...pasal kerts math!!
aku nk kill cikgu khairunnisa!!!!
aku x kira!!!
i wanna kill her!!
or..patut ke aku mintk maap kt sir??
aku pun ada gk perasaan.... :(

Wan Syafiqa said...

to sue,
tue la.but i have to learn japanese to write letter to him. :(

to lina,
a'ah..dh lame angau dh :P psl sir??hurm..kalo ko rase ko nk mintak maaf baik ko mintak maaf sbb sir tue sensitif.x pon ko biarkan je..kalo ko x nk mintak maaf, ko biarkn je la dulu.n kalo tgk ckg cm x bape baik lg ngn ko i think u better mintak maaf k.kte pon pernah kene cm ko dun worry la..everything will be me.