Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Kem Kepimpinan Pengawas :)

wow..that kem is soo exciting!!i never thought it will turn out to be an interesting moment!!luv it!!x leh here it is what i did when i went to that kem..

3.00 p.m=time pendaftaran n hear a speech about protokol during majlis rasmi.
6.00 p.m=went to take a bath n dinner.dinner that night is kindda terrible.i don't
like that meal!LOL ^^
7.40 p.m=performed prayer n learn to read doa properly.Conduct by that 'uSTAZ!'I
hate that!!
9.00 p.m=after we performed isyak prayer, we had an activity called ice breaking.i
like it so much.It taught us to be confident and....that night,
i was asked to be a model!!it kindda embarracing me as a freaking teacher...
(oh, i forget his name)look at me from up to down!o mem...
11.00 p.m= iyess!!went to sleep..zzzzz

5.30 a.m=time to get up!!it was soo cold at school as our school is up to the hill..
time to take a bath too.
6.30 a.m=performed subuh prayer an listen to ceramah given by Pn Rafidah.
7.30 a.m=took a breakfast and went to senaman.pretty tired as we had to jog
at the school compound.dh la berbukit, besa lak tuh..fuh!!
8.00 a.m=start our journey!it's treasure hunt!!wow..i absolutley love it!suke nyer
time spider web tu!!wow..mmg memerlukan kerjasama n kepekaan..
12.30 p.m=we had to do puzzle.the last challenge in treasure ssh ma!!last2
siap gak! :)
1.00 p.m=went to lunch.and the meal is delicious!! =)
4.00 p.m=majlis penutup.i be the mc..hahaha..banggenyer.. :P time tu bebudak rame2
nyanyi lagu salam perpisahan..rse sedih sgt!!nway,kem tue mmg best giler!!

p/s:sue!!where's the lyric?i want it!!plzz...


autumn_tears said...

erkk... aku x taip lg la.. nnt lepas aku taip aku bg ko eh..huhu
ho..moga2 lps ko mngikuti kem ni ko akn menjadi pengawas yg berketerampilan, berwibawa, cemerlang, gemilang,terbilang!!!!


Wan Syafiqa said...

thanks :)