Wednesday, October 5, 2016

My neighbor, Ayah

I just came back from my sweet escape with my two buddies since in Adelaide. Cuti awal muharam kan. So kteorang ke bukit tinggi, it's an uplanned trip and it was hillarious! Except for it's holiday and we need to bare with a lot of people coming by. Bergambar pun orang photobomb sakan haha. But alhamdulillah we really had a short sweet time together. Overnight at Nora's Lodge which I totally recommend for those who wanted to keep yourself away from the city at a very reasonable price. Since Colmar Tropicale is wayy too cool for us. Mahal gila semalam RM500+ tu boleh pi beli tiket ke Korea okay.

Anyway my intention is not to highlight my short vacation in this post. I will write it later in a different post.

The incident that caught my attention away was when I came back and found a plastic bag filled with biscuits and snacks hanging on my door. To my surprise it was from my Palestinian friend who used to live just beside my room. When I look inside the plastic bag, she tag along a note written:

"My dear lovely sister shafiqah (it should be written as Syafiqa btw),
It's me ayah, I came to your room so many times these two days but I couldn't find you. I wanted to tell you I'm checking out from my room and going to KL, I hope we can meet again. I will come next week to check out, maybe we can meet dear. Please take care. I will always remember you. I really wanted to see your photos in graduation. I am sure you are the most beautiful among all...

You neighbor, 
ayah room 3.5"

MashaAllah, I feel quite touched and sad to be honest. We used to live, complained, laughed and even shared beauty tips together. For the past 5 months I've known no one when you first came and approached me with a Assalamualaikum and a sweet smile. When I heard your story of not coming back to Palestine at all for almost 4 years, how you were afraid of and hate lights (Israel controls the electric power back in Palestine, they were allowed to use electric power at certain times only), how you used to study with only candle when I asked why does your room look so dim all the time unlike mine, and how you miss Palestinian food so much, I should be REALLY REALLY GRATEFUL of what I have. Your story keeps me alive. Sometimes I heard you spoke in Arabic over the phone and cried. I wanted to ask you but I'm afraid that it was too personal and I don't wanna ruin your mood when we intersected sometimes in the washroom or just in the corridor.

Ayah, I still keep sheseido charcoal mask you gave me the other day. I hope we can still meet and I hope I can show you my graduation photos as I promised to you earlier. We were so busy that apparently living next door wasn't even a sole reason for us to meet.

Please be strong and I hope you can return back to Palestine like you wish for.
With the help of Allah SWT, I am sure that Palestine will be free soon.

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