Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Future Tsukasa

I would try my best not to make this post look like an advertisement.

Hawa was the first muslimah that Allah created for Adam. They are created so that they may be drawn for each other and find tranquility together. Allah created everything in pairs [78;8], meaning everyone is reserved for another soul to compliment each other. 

Looking for a spouse is a very crucial part for everyone I reckon. I believe that each and everyone of us wanting somebody who will be the savior of your day, soleh/solehah well a good man and woman generally speaking. However Prophet Muhammad stated the best guidelines in finding your Qurratu'l-Ayn; 

"A person chooses her/his life partner due to four reasons; 1.Rank 2.Money 3.Beauty 4.Taqwa (virtue). One should choose the best in Taqwa." [Sahih Hadeeth]

Regardless of his looks and wealth, I am looking for someone who's heart is attached to Him. I may not be perfect uhm everybody is not to begin with, but choosing someone who is at least, pray 5 times a day, worshiping Allah more than anything, knowing the purpose of life and building a family for the sake of Him. I believe that a man who take Islam as Ad-Deen or the way of life would lead my soon to be family into rahmah :) But mind you, Allah said a good woman is for a good man. Nevertheless, I am still struggling to be a better muslimah day by day. I still have a lot to improve and I hope that when the time has come, I am all set physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Considering the fact that I'm going to spend the rest of my life with him, I am still particular and have my own preferences when it comes to man, haha. 
  • He must not be a smoker - Smoking is considered as haram. 
  • I prefer someone who is tall - I am literally short, so those hard to reach items on the top shelfs are easily accessible lol
  • He must be good at managing money - I need someone who can look after our family financial and economy. I am not good at it
  • He must be good at handling my dad - I have Abah alone now. So I wanted someone who can be friend with my dad. Entertain him and follow him to masjid for Jemaah prayer :)
  • He must be good at using tools - I am personally so bad at this. Please save our home from disaster soon
  • Outspoken and confident - No reasons. It just that I'm easily attracted with this trait. 
  • He must be neat - Hair especially. Barulah sedap mata memandang.
  • He must be matured and reliable - I can be clingy at times
MashaAllah so picky kan. hahaha
After all, I believe that Allah will send me the one that suits me well. He will give the one that I am mostly needed, not practically someone whom I am asking for. I just have to wait patiently and prepare myself for our future.

So to my future spouse, 
I hope we can build a family with Ad-Deen soon. And also, despite the economic demands I will adore your knowledge more than your money. So please don't feel pressure about it lol 
See you when I see you :)


Ms Syakira said...

Seems matthew salleh is no longer in the list 😞😞

Ms Syakira said...

Seems matthew salleh is no longer in the list 😞😞