Thursday, October 20, 2016

Virtual Someone

I will be having Tom Yam for dinner today :)

This is my way of saying goodbye. Apparently we had a short period of conversation together, but somehow you are very pleasing and comforting to me. I don't even know why. 

I would not just simply reply anyone but yours is an exception. The first hi was remarkable perhaps, it was a prayer which notably lighten my day. Our first massive conversation was about my research progress and I found myself enthusiastically talking to someone who understands and interested in my project. We are relatively different, like very very different I can feel it though it is only virtual. I have lots of things in mind, things to share and you were there to listen? I think that is the main reason why I feel you are compliment and it breaks the ice. Sometimes I feel like I was so bright and cheerful and you might get annoyed but then you still replied me telling me that you love listening to stories. Okay, that was cool. Lol.

To be frank, I do not know much things about you. The only medium I have was facebook but it brings nothing at all hahaha. Well, to me you are out of the normal average guy I can find anywhere because you are weird hahaha. Yes, everyone is unique in their own way but you are way different than others. Don't get me wrong, that makes you fun and exciting to talk with. I do not know how long would we be disconnected, but if one day you came back and keep in touch, I hope you can introduce yourself properly because I still don't get it why do you have to keep your uni anonymous. And I don't understand why is it matter to me either lol. 

It always been great chats for me. I appreciate that. Thank you for helping the indecisive side of me last night. I pray that Allah will help you and guide you throughout your journey in finding Him. I hope you'll be as great as Umar Al-Khattab soon. 

These are your points listed. I hope you do not feel awkward reading.

I hope this will make your day too.

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