Sunday, April 8, 2007

Dramas n movies

my sister is back!! really2 happy today. We fool around for the whole day. she brings 303 cd, a thailand movie which tells you about a bunch of school boarding boys play a very freaky's sprit on the glass. so a lot of strange things happen and it really scared me! Anyway my sister also brings kimi wa petto!! the drama that i longing to watch.she says that the dramas is exciting and that makes me so eager to watch it!+ matsujun is the one who be the main!talking about cds, suddenly i remember, my friends want to watch windstruck a korean movie which really touched me a lot! neddy had already watch it too.she agree with me that the movie is so damn sad! so we planned to watch it together.however, i misplace the cd.dunno where i put i guess, if i cannot find the cd, i want them to watch 303. a really scary movie.hahaha...dh terbalik plak. :P today, lina suddenly said that he hate kim possible as i said that i don't like him for putting yamapi's photo as his display image after lina mentioned kim possible is yamapi's fan too.i just kidding.well you know..when you obsess with something or even someone, you can say such things right?thought that lina will scold me for saying it, lina suddenly said she hates him too. she will tell the story tommorow.hurm...what could it be..tomorrow is school and i have to wear blazer! gonna make comic too.huwaa!!anyway, tomorrow is yamapi's and zach birthday!!welcome back zach! :D

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