Thursday, April 5, 2007

The unfortunate event

school today is kindda boring!!nothing much happen. when i was in geography class i was so sleepy. dunno why.everybody seems to be sleepy n tired too. today, ustaz gave us to rest for an hour because ustaz did not feel like teaching. i stayback at niesa house n surft the internet for a minute while waiting for jimi to change her clothes to go to hockey practise. i met sue when i was on my way back from helping my friends carried a big round and heavy thing.i don't know what is it.i just help them to carry it as it was too heavy for the three of them(fatt, yana n sarah) we just accompanied jimi n watched jimi's training.yeah..jimi has a very big problem now. the unfortunate event is i watched an accident right in front of me! act, my school is in front of a public playground so this nenek n her cucu were crossing the road.i guess they want to go to the playground.suddenly ade motor dtg. laju giler n langgar nenek tue! wow!i was totally shocked!it happpened right in front of me! i want to help them but when i came nearer.....kepala nenek tue dh remuk n byk sgt darah kuar! i cannot stand it..rase cm nk muntah pon ade!cucu die plak kene timpa ngn motor tue.
sian sgt la kt both of them.

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