Friday, April 13, 2007

It just 3 words-tired, bz, problems!- as usual, there was an assembly in my school. i had a cit chat with neddy about friends and other stuffs like neddy's x bf and ways to win niesa's challenge. and the worse things niesa, lina n nadzi did were scribble neddy's and my photos using marker pen. they just had nothing to do and made some crazy things like that and bursted out laughing histerically. it was very embracing and luckily, me n neddy could grab the pictures and then run away. hahah..i turned all red! i lunched with chew, azeera n sue at a thai food restaurant when suddenly a stranger said hi to me by saying "adik, makan?". btw, the food were nice. i dropped by fixed one shop to look for nadzi's birthday present, however, i could not find one. cannot find something that suits her best. well..when i think back of what kim did to miss is just not fair with kif. that baka kim want's miss p-vier back after did stupid things to her!no way man! yeah now..miss p-vier is happy with kif by herside. i think that kif is much better that kim and he is so sweet and caring! i dare say it because it so true..and it seems that he is faith in love. :) anyway, i did not chat or even meet him in person and i hope all the things in what i said is true. that kim just made me mad! he also sends stupid off9 message too..whoa!! gle arr die tue..mcm nk sgtkn girls only! huh! speaking about ym, i had a really great time chatting with ckg nick. i don't have any idea that he is my teacher at first!i just chat with him normally. a couple of minutes ago, i know that he is my teacher!he is a practical teacher act.and he is very popular among the girls at school as he has a very handsome and good looking face! :P two sisters is watching kimi wa petto together. i want to watch it too but i'm not in the mood. + i just want to update my blog. well.. rase2 cm nk wat pembaharuan sikit. but dunno la..i have no time and too bz with my school sechdule.. yeah very2 buzy and tired some more. tomorrow, i gonna attend a birthday party, then maybe accompany lin to fajar and of course go to chew's house to make comics together. got to go to tuition too for the whole day! meaning that i only have sundays to complete all my homeworks.oh ya! i did not write a letter to my class teacher for not going to school.argh!! to many works to do and i feel like very2 tired nowadays.i also hurt my hands during my pj lessons. all of my friends hurt themselves at the both hands. thank god! i only hurt one. :)


Lina Abdul Jalil said...

you know what???
yep..kif is better thn kim..kif nie jujur...dia ckp kt aku dia dh couple 10 kali coz gurls nk kt dian..n i had no komen,,just my feelings...and he said..ayg mrh ker kt abg?? and i said..yep.. a bit...and then he said that he loves me...miss me..and i dunno it's true or! dia nk mintk couple ngn aku bile ninie dh cr pakwe lain..coz dia ckp aku ni jujur n setia.. n dia ckp kalo afi tau..mesti dia kene belasah..tau x per..anyway i feel pity on him...anyway la kan....kif is no 1!!!! i dunno la :D he is too nice! caring!! loving!!! and i hope afi n me will satay 4ever n ever...............amiin...doakn aku ek... :D aku x kn lupa doakn ko n zach.. i know u feel so happy with too...when i'm with afi :P ahakz :D

Wan Syafiqa said...

yeah..i'll pray for you r happiness :)