Tuesday, April 24, 2007

From A to Z

:SoMeThInG ABouT Me:

-Part of me that i like are my eyes and hand(the palm one). my eyes looks like my father's and i'm proud to have it. :P grandma says that i have a lovely hands and fingers.
-Frankly, i don't like my teeth. :P
-When i'm waking up, i need to sleep 10 minutes more.I mean, i need time to wake up!
-I don't like animals!
-I love blue colour. :)
-I'm scared of heights.
-i eat everything except ikan bilis and ginger.egg on the other hands, i only eat the yolk one. ^^
-I hate maths and geography! but i'm trying really hard to score good result.
-I love to put something sweet as my display image but i just love to put yamapi's pictures as my display image in ym. :P
-I think that someone who only loves to put all his/her pictures in friendster is not looking for friends and kindda perasan.
-I'm proud of my school.really!!
-I'm a really stubborn girl!!!
-Loves anything about japan!!
-I'm waiting for someone to ask me out in a romantic n sweet way. ;)
-The word that i use to describe something is..."die nie MCM jht jer..."that's it.I love to say MCM in most of my sentence.
-I hate when somebody says that i'm nerd.duh!
-When i am not arguing, i am thinking deeply.
-i wear spec when i am studying only.
-i cry when i feel hurt or even tension.that makes me feel clam. :)
-instead of cutting my nail, i like to peel my nail. :P but they still look nice.
-i don't like people who tells lies and make funs of other people.
-i believe in first love or even love at the first sight.
-i cannot play any instrument!really..but longing to play piano. :)
-I love flowers especially roses.
-I want to further my studies to japan
-I'm having a problem in choosing my career.would i be a designer or even engineer?!?ohh!! me!!
-I tend to be a daring girl when i'm going to explode.
-I learn to forgive n forget. :)
-My ideal man is somebody who care, sincere, loving, and gentle.
-For me, face doesn't matter only if he has all the 4 characters.
-I rather choose someone cute than handsome. :)
-I love staring at the stars.
-I talk non-stop when i mad at someone. :P
-I am speechless when it comes to talk to boys.dunno why!+ i cannot look at their just that, i can't look at them!it's hard.
-When i feel shy, i'll blush+i'll roles my eyes(sometimes when they look into my eyes)
-I'll turn red when i feel shy, angry and during a hot whether.
-I wear my watch everytime.
-I love bracelet and i have torns of bracelets' collection. :P

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