Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Birthday! ~9th April~ is yamapi's n zach birthday! wow! actually, it's kindda hard to believe that they were born in the same date! i give zach, a thing that he always wears. an adidas handband. it is grey in colour. he indeed looks so good when i put on the handband. he looked very very happy too. :) to yamapi, you are in 22 years old this year. hope you will be a better man n receive many awards this year. :P well i promise you, i'm gonna watch your latest drama ne? luv ya!


Lina Abdul Jalil said...

wan..sorry ar aku x sempat nk wish kt aku ada problem..
anyway hope zach n ko..huhu..4ever ek.. :D
yamapi un same ek.. :D
hope yamapi x jeles tau .. :D

Wan Syafiqa said...'s least aku wish die ma..hehehe..hurm yamapi?well..die mash lg menjd my dream boy.weii..ko jgn bg tau kt zach,mati aku!! :P

Lina Abdul Jalil said...

huhu.. okies wan..aku x kn bgau aku rs dia tau ko still syg yamapi...and he knows that you love him more thn yamapi..right?? hehe